Five Tips from Serious Inquiries Only Equine on Making Your Ad Stand Out

1. High Quality Pictures are a must. We see time and time again people posting blurry, dark, or unappealing pictures of their horses, trailers, tack, etc. The seller should take the time to take quality photos or hire a professional photographer to take pictures. It’s all about curb appeal and you need to present the horse or item in the best possible light.

2. YouTube is a good option to upload your videos to and then you can take that link and post it in your ad on our site. Facebook videos are also possible to post but not quite as user friendly. Buyers will always want to see a video. Take the time to get a quality one done to attract buyers.

3. Write a detailed paragraph about the horses or items you are selling. Please get someone to proofread it before posting it. Avoid slang and typos as well as complete sentences are the best way to give off a good impression in your ad. Try to include the breeding of your horse or brand of the item you are selling as well as all his points and accomplishments in the show arena. Short and vague sentences about what you are selling does not help.

4. If you aren’t tech savvy, have a friend put together the ad for you, or we’ll be more than happy to help you post your ads to our site. We’ve have helped several people do just that. If your ad doesn’t stand out, it is a complete waste of your money and time.

5. Please add the price of the item or horse if at all possible. It is a trend in the industry to ask for the price rather than posting it, but we believe it will save people’s time if you are open and post everything from the very beginning. People will immediately know whether it is within their budget. Please also respond promptly to messages about your horse as well as buyers need to leave a voicemail for sellers to call them back. These days no one answers an unknown phone number due to the obnoxious amounts of robocalls.

Do you have other ways you make your ads stand out? We’d love to hear from you.

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