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$8,500.00 (Firm)

2018 AQHA Gelding “Unforgetable Invite”

Price : $8,500.00 (Firm)
Type : Sell
Date : December 14, 2023
Location : 5790 Jefferson Rd, North Branch, MI, USA

(Un Forgettable X Invitedfourcocktails (Coats N Tails))

Chance stands 15.3 and has the best personality you could ask for.  He is one horse that does whatever he can to try to please you.  He is one looker of a horse and is such a beautiful mover with long sweepy strides and the most comfortable effortless canter.  He has some of the best manners you will ever meet and anyone that meets him absolutely loves him.  He handles new situations like a champ and would be an excellent horse for pretty much anyone.  He trail rides like a pro goes through mud and water.  He has also shown and could easily go that direction as well.

Chance is my main lesson horse and has lots of beginners ride him.  He is extremely forgiving and tries to figure out what is being asked of him.  He would be the perfect horse for someone looking for a nice safe horse for their kid or older person that is looking for a reliable mount.  Especially if they just want to have fun maybe dabble in a few shows but also have fun on the trails too.  He has a Natural Horsemanship Foundation paving the way to any direction you would like to go.  Horses with this foundation make a nice reliable mount.

He is at the bottom of the pecking order in every pasture and seems ok being a loaner. His biggest downfall is he had some previous trauma to his back legs that has caused him to form ringbone in both back pastern’s.  The good news is it is between P1 and P2 and has fully fused in both so any pain related to it is gone and he moves completely sound without any type of NSAID or supplements.  I do have x-rays for anyone who is interested.  

Lots of horses develop ringbone and continue competing.  This horses pedigree and talent alone should make him worth much more than he is priced.  A 3/4 sibling earlier this year was priced at 30k. His to die for personality and reliability he will provide his riders is worth it’s weight in gold.  Because of the ringbone he is priced the way he is but he is completely sound and his affected joints are fused, which is the treatment to elevate the pain associated with ringbone.  

Contact me if you have any other questions.  He is truly a fantastic horse and someone is going to get a heck of a horse for the price.  I think this guy has lots of riding left in him and I don’t think the ringbone will cause him problems. I have owned him for 1yr and he has never been lame.

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